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Touch, grab or whatever hands (arms) [p.2]

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Aaaaaarrg the feeling watching those two

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Please wait! Wait a moment! This is the last, really the last. Yunho is listening to this radio. Therefore i want to say I LOVE YOU~ to him

Jaejoong (Oct 16 2006. Super Junior Radio)

after that Everyone said, “aah~ he said he loves you~” *laugh*

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celebrating flawless jung-leadersshi! \(^O^)/

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TVXQ for Star1 Magazine March 2014 Issue

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Yunho giving attention to fans is so щ(ಥДಥщ)

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I wanted to see you. I always wanted to see you. I’m still embracing your everything. Forgive me for smiling, only just for us. Surely ahead of this road the light is still shining. We will be able to start again, without saying any words. We will walk ahead, searching for our dreams once more.

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